­­­­Pomegranate’s Effect on Fat Metabolism

Fatty acid oxidation disorders, FODs, concern a specific function within the mitochondria and each may have its own symptoms. However, all result in a mishandling of fat metabolism. Currently, the only accepted treatment for FODs is dietary restriction. An article in the April FASEB Journal presents the results of a study on mice that showed significant effects of a pomegranate extract and inulin (a soluble fiber) on fat.

Specifically, the inulin decreased hepatic and serum total cholesterol while the pomegranate extract (PomX) increased bile acids and neutral sterol fecal elimination. In other words, the former reduced the amount of total cholesterol produced by the body and the latter increased the amount excreted in the stool. Additionally, the PomX increased beta-oxidation with greater expression of CPT2, ACADl and ACADvl.

While this study is just one, and was conducted on mice to measure the effects of inulin and PomX in reducing overall fat in the diet, the implications for certain FODs are present.


"Effects of Dietary Pomegranate Extract and Inulin in Mice Fed an Obesogenic Diet" Jieping Yang, et. al., www.fasebj.org, April 2017, Vol.31, No. 1, Supplement 646.57

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