FOD Awareness Month Begins Today

Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorders are rare but may be more common than previously believed. That is one reason everyone should be aware of the signs of a potential FOD. Infants who are overly sleepy or limp or cool to the touch should be checked by a doctor. Children who complain of muscle pain following exercise, especially if they become lethargic afterwards, should also be checked. Even adults who have similar symptoms should be aware that these could be signs of an undiagnosed FOD.

Babies are now screened for FODs at birth in most states, but even children as young as 5 may have an undiagnosed disorder. Pediatricians and primary care doctors must become more aware of the signs of FODs in both children and adults and order the appropriate tests.

If you, your child, or your patient has any of the following, please screen for FODs: Lethargy, hypoglycemia, dark urine, extreme muscle pain, even breathlessness.

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